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The Art of Networking

Networking is a key competence of practitioners in education, and networks are considered to have high potential for solving structural problems. The Art of Networking deals with planning and implementing a particular type of educational network: European networks in the framework of the EU funding programmes for lifelong learning.
The publication addresses professionals in education - teachers, trainers, programme developers, managers, researchers and evaluators - who are already involved in networks or may wish to be so in the future.
Topics addressed in The Art of Networking include:
Network theory. The perspective of social network analysis

  • The mission of European networks in the EU funding programmes in education
  • Planning and establishment of a European network
  • Network management and implementation
  • Evaluation of a European network
  • Networks promotion, dissemination and sustainability

The publication is available in English, German and French language versions and can be downloaded here:

The Art of Networking. European Networks in Education
(ISBN 978-3-9502335-0-6)

Die Kunst des Netzwerkens. Europäische Netzwerke im Bildungsbereich
(ISBN 978-3-9502335-1-3)

L'Art du Networking. Réseaux européens pour l'éducation
(ISBN 978-3-9502335-2-0)

Hard copies of the English version of The Art of Networking (ISBN 978-3-9502335-0-6) can be ordered via e-mail from h.bienzle@dieberater.com.
The publication is free of charge, as it was produced with funding from the European Commisison.
Shipping within Austria: free of charge.
Postage payable within the European Union (outside Austria): 5,50 Euro.

A review of The Art of Networking was published in LLinE - Lifelong Learning in Europe 4/20007.